Ingles 2s-3p
Bueno bueno, chicos, este resumen vale oro, mas bien, no es resumen, chequenlo...

Evaluación de ingles II, tercer parcial
To be present
The dogs is ______ in the garden
a) Are       b)is      c)was      d)were
Susan _____ _____ (not) in her house
a) Are not       b)is not      c) not was      d)not were
To be past
My father _____ a taxi driver
a) Are       b)is      c)was      d)were
I _____ a very good student
a) Are       b)is      c)was      d)were
The cat _____ black
a) Are       b)is      c)was      d)were
Going to
Is/a cellular/going to/buy/he
Pop corn/not/you/eat/are/going to
Next Saturday/he/going to/not/work/is
There was/there were
(Cookies in the box)
(Book on the table)
a)what     b)while    c)when    d)but
Charles was sleeping _____ Marie was reading
My parents were talking ____ the phone rang
I was doing my homework ____ my mother was watching TV
We were playing soccer ___ it started
I am a good student. My father bought ____ a new cellular
a)I    b)me    c)his    d)her
Janet won in the Olympic Games. The president gave___ a prize
a)he    b)him    c)she    d)her

¿Por que escojistes esta escuela?
Me gustó
Estudiaron mis hermano, primos, etc.
Me obligaron
Me queda cerca de casa
Fué mi segunda opción
La elegí al azar

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